The mother art of the Filipino martial arts is the original style of the bladed weapon developed by the indigenous Indo-Malay inhabitants of the Philippines during the 13th century. During the Spanish occupation of the Philippines over 400 years ago, the art was banned and the Spanish promoted its practiced as a deadly recreation. In response, the Filipino adapted “Doce Pares” a Moro-Moro play a socio-religious designed to surreptitiously incorporate the fighting techniques of the original Filipino combat arts into its creative combat dances and movements.

  • ren mina

    Gat Puno Abon! You are an amazing and inspiring Master of our National Sport and Treasure, Arnis! Maraming-maraming salamat san lahat ginagawa ninyo sa espirito ng mga tao sa Pilipinas at chaka sa tunay ng lakas sa puso ngatin Po! You are a National Hero!