US Harimaw Buno Federation


US Buno FederationIn 1989, the Philippine Martial Arts Garimot System USA International was founded by Guro Abon "Garimot" Baet. This was the first formal school of Arnis De Mano, established for the progressive study of Harimaw Buno, Mano-mano, Balisong knife fighting, Eskrima, and Hilot (Filipino Healing Arts). One of the goals of the Federation was to promote Buno as a wrestling/Grappling art and to someday promote competitive traditional Buno tournaments open to all martial artists.

During Guro Abon’s time of training, mastery of weapons was considered a prerequisite to the study of Buno. However, mostly due to the preponderance of material associated with Arnis and Buno as seperate studies, he elected to seperate the two into mutually exclusive organizations. In july of 1993, the Laguna Arnis Federation International was created in honor of his home town and the annual unpadded stick-fighting tournaments sponsored there under the Garimot System banner. Simultaneously, the US Harimaw Buno Federation was founded for the exclusive purpose of promoting the original art of the Mangyan people as a discipline onto it’s own. To this end, modernized instructions have been created to aid in the teaching of GAT-BUNO

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    Are there instructors in San Diego California?