Hilot Types


There are many type of Hilot in the Philippines. The "Partera," "Komadrona," or "magpapaanak"- this the Hilot used to deliver babies. There are "Mangagamot" or "Babaylan" – this is the Hilot helps to cure various ailments using numerous alternatives remedies, such massage, oil, vinegar and herbs. There are four type of Hilot Mangagamot in Filipino native healing arts.

  • Hilot Albularyo is a form of Hilot treatment, uses variety of herbs, internal and external applications used, and is known of the uses of "Hagod" (massage).
  • Hilot Buga is a form healing treatment using a variety of herbs, fruits, vegetables, oil, water, and vinegar. They used chewed herbs and apply externally to cure various symtoms and illnesses.
  • Hilot Bintusa is a form of healing treatments, using glass and fire pressure or called "Bintusa." Similar to a Chinese cupping techniques, the used of accupressure points to apply the cup is similar to the accupressure points they use in Chinese Accupucture.
  • Hilot Babad is a form of healing treatment using water, use massage treatments in water to cure various muscle, tendon, ligament and joint injuries. This Hilot treatments is originated from Mangyans tribes and Aetas tribes in Luzon island.