Arnis de Mano is vigorous sport, which required and develops stamina, speed, accuracy and superb coordination. Arnis is also a mental game. It is important that the Arnis practitioner visualize the various movements in his mind until he can physically perform them without thought as to how the body should move. The serious student soon finds the real excitement comes from outthinking (ego “out striking”) the opponent. Quick analysis of the opponent’s style and formulated of the plan of defense attack are imperative. One must set a trap for the opponent while being careful to avoid the trap being set for oneself. In addition to analytical thinking, Arnis requires decisive thinking and the courage to assume the offensive¬†at any instant. Window of opportunity are brief at best: lack of courage to act gives the advantage back the opponent. By being prepared to move at anytime, carefully dominating one’s¬†opponents, and successfully, executing one’s plan, only them will self-confidence increase.